If your child is “not working up to potential” you need to read this!

I was riveted by Nick’s personal account of how school interfered with his learning. If your child is “not working up to potential”, or is in special education even though you think she’s intelligent, or if he’s on medication for ADHD, you need to read this.

Some notable quotes:

“I left school at the age of 17 after deciding that I’d had enough of my school district’s attempts to forcibly shift my attention toward the classroom, and away from my independent studies.”

“Their job was to figure out what was wrong with me, to completely disregard the dangers of a confirmation bias, and to have me somehow classified for special-education. … I was placed in a ‘supplemental’ class where I could do my homework during school hours, and was placed on Adderall (an amphetamine) at 9 years old.”

“I was always told that I had potential, but because I wasn’t doing the work that they provided, I wasn’t living up to that potential.”

“I still knew I was gifted in some way, but felt that I was broken in every other way.”

” They … concluded that I was “emotionally disturbed”, which is not a legitimate term in psychology – it is an umbrella term invented exclusively for the purpose of placing severe classifications on students who can not be diagnosed with an actual severe disorder.”

“My school had wasted my time until there was no time left.”

If you believe traditional school is not providing the best possible education for your child, please contact me. I can help you consider which of the alternatives might work for you.