How Smoking Affects Your Teeth And What You Can Do About It

If you’re a smoker, it’s important to understand the consequences. Many young people get started smoking without knowing all the consequences or at least not having the right perspectives about them. Cigarettes are bad for your lungs, heart and your entire body, including your teeth and gums. Your oral health is at stake here. As a smoker, you can’t do anything about how you got started and what decisions you made, but you sure can quit now.

At face value, smoking stains your teeth. That is just one of the minor consequences. Cosmetics do get people’s attention though. It’s the more severe oral health consequences that you need to be thinking about though. You don’t want stained teeth, but you don’t want to lose your teeth either. Perhaps it’s a good idea for you to look at some pictures of what smoking cigarettes can do to your teeth over time.

Did you know that smoking can end up contributing to the onset of gum disease? Gum disease is the way most people lose their teeth. Tooth loss can occur for a variety of different reasons, but you better believe that gum disease is the #1 contributing factor.

There can be even more severe consequences. Smoking can contribute to the onset of oral cancers, too. Mouth cancer and throat cancer are possibilities, and they aren’t a reality you want in your life. Did you know that many people each and every year actually die from mouth cancer that was caused by smoking cigarettes? Thousands, in fact, end up dying each year with mouth cancer caused by smoking cigarettes.

It’s really sad, and that’s just part of what’s going on overall. If you’re a smoker, you need to take a close look at the dental hygiene products that you are using. What toothpaste do you use? What toothbrush do you use? Do you floss? Even if you use all three, you’re still just doing the best you can while smoking.

Smoking cigarettes are still going to have an effect on your oral health. That being said, the focus should be on quitting smoking if at all possible. It’s not easy for sure. Many people try over and over again to no avail. You can do it though.

For years, I contemplated quitting smoking. I’m still currently addicted to nicotine and use a vaping device. Yet one day, I suddenly quit smoking and never looked back. It wasn’t like the other times. It was time for me to quit, and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Granted, I am still addicted to the nicotine as I said. Still, the overall health benefits of quitting smoking have already started to show themselves. In fact, they began the very next day after I quit. Over time, I will see the improvement in my oral health, too. I have been going to the dentist quite often.

You can’t turn back the clock, but you can certainly take back your life, oral health, and overall health. There is no reason to further consider the consequences of smoking on your oral health when you know the answer is to quit. You can exhaust yourself trying to battle the consequences with a toothbrush, floss and a bottle of mouthwash. Or you can put down those cigarettes once and for all.

If you aren’t to the point where you can do that, keep trying. I wasn’t at that point either, and then all of the sudden, I was able to quit. It happened just like that. Are you ready to take your oral health and overall health more seriously and put down those cigarettes?

I encourage you to take the leap today and at least get started.

  • Get a vaporizer, nicotine gum or the patches.
  • Go see your dentist and see what you can do to help mitigate oral damage from smoking

However you go about it, it’s time to start fighting the addiction!

I did it, so that means you can too!

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