Information About Dental Bridges And When You Need One

The thing about teeth is that you don’t really appreciate them until you start losing them. And by this time, you really start to think about all the good things they contribute to your life.

Take for example the ability to chew your food, or to do something as simple as smile. In fact, the state of your teeth can be a determining element where self-confidence is involved.

Now the question becomes, how do you fix the problem of missing teeth?

To give you some insight, this article is going to break down some valuable information about dental bridges and when you need one.

What Is A Dental Bridge?

Just to avoid any possible confusion, let’s start with the concept of dental bridges. Essentially, a dental bridge consists of two crowns that fit on top of the whole teeth at either side of the gap. Depending on how many teeth are missing, false teeth are placed in between to fill the gap.

The overall design will see the crowns and false teeth connected in a very natural way.

The Benefits Of Getting Bridges

There are several benefits you can expect when you go with the dental bridges option. They include:

  • It gives you that perfect smile back and naturally boosts your confidence
  • You’ll be able to chew better and enjoy your food a little more
  • With the bridges in place, you don’t have to worry about the remaining teeth moving out of place
  • Missing teeth cause bone loss, but dental bridges can prevent this from happening
  • Bridges will also prevent the reshaping of your face due to the missing teeth
  • It stops tooth decay that would typically surface inside the gaps of the missing teeth

The Bridge-Placing Process

There is nothing too complicated about getting the dental bridges placed. It starts with a consultation with your dentist, which is followed by some preparation. In addition to preparing the anchoring teeth, a mold of the false teeth need to be made.

While you wait for the mold to be created, a temporary bridge is going to be used for protection and preservation.

After the molding process has been completed, you return to the dentist for a fitting. Take note that your dentist won’t immediately cement the bridge in place. Instead, they are going to give you some time to test it out.

For some people, it is going to require several visits to the dentist, given that getting the bridges right could need tweaking. But once the tweaking is done and you are satisfied with the bridges, it is permanently cemented in place.

Using Some Patience

Always keep in mind that dental bridges might replace missing teeth, but they don’t have any feeling. The roots you had with your original teeth are not there to help you, meaning it takes time to adjust.

Your dentist will also tell you to give it time, because you get used to the teeth being there, eating becomes a lot easier.

After Care Is Critical

Just because bridges don’t have roots doesn’t mean they are not vulnerable to plaque and other problems. And also think about the teeth anchoring the bridge.

Just like with all your other teeth, keep the bridges clean and in a healthy condition. And the longer you take care of your bridges, the longer they will stay put in your mouth.

Other Alternatives

In case you are wondering about alternatives to bridges, the more affordable option would be dentures. However, you will have to routinely visit the dentist to get them adjusted due to the bone loss and shape of your jaw. Find an affordable dentist that can fit good looking dentures will be a sufficient alternative for some people in doing the job of replacing missing teeth, but they are not as comfortable or natural as bridges.

The other alternative is to look at implants. This is more expensive than bridges, but instead of being anchored with another tooth, a titanium screw is placed underneath the gum line. And just like the bridges, it’s a permanent solution that appears completely natural.

The best way to make a decision is to speak to your dentist. They will be able to tell you whether dental bridges are better than the other options mentioned in your specific situation.

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