I offer help and hope for anybody struggling with math or reading skills. All content is taught through games and activities with no worksheets or learning by rote. Teaching parents to use these methods at home reduces cost and parent-child conflict. Enrichment for students who need more of a challenge is also available. All ages and educational backgrounds welcome.

The price for individual tutoring is $30/hr, payable at each session. Discount packages are available for those who choose to pay ahead. $300 will cover 10 hours plus one additional hour.

If the cost of tutoring is an obstacle, I can recommend resources and strategies students can use on their own to minimize the time they need to spend with me. In some cases I can offer a discounted rate or barter arrangement. Please don’t let finances stop you from seeking help! Unlike many other tutoring services, the initial evaluation is free and there is no commitment required at any time.

Contact me for a free one-hour evaluation!